About Us

At Love Italy, we ​LOVE​ local produce and our we don’t scrimp on the ingredients! Love Italy has carefully crafted an extensive and cheerful menu, designed to move fast: You won’t be waiting long, as our meals are prepared fresh and delivered to the table in under 15 minutes. We LOVE our customers and want to make sure they LOVE us, and our food in return.


Our​ house-made dough will steal a pizza your heart. ​The unique formula is concocted with a mix of the freshest ingredients . To get the best taste, we use a unique mixture and a twenty-four-hour transformation period. This long, low temperature enables the yeast to work slowly with our high-protein flour (sourced from an Italian mill). During these hours, the yeast transforms the complex sugars into simple sugars, making them easier to digest and metabolize. You’ll love the unique and complex taste, exclusive to Love Italy.